Die Visumpflicht zwischen Russland und Liechtenstein wurde vereinfacht

Die Visumpflicht zwischen Russland und Liechtenstein wurde vereinfacht

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Starting from April 1st, 2015 an agreement on visa regime simplification signed by Liechtenstein and Russia in November 2013 came into force.

In this way, from this moment businessmen, men of science, education and culture, sportsmen taking part in the competitions, members of official delegations, pupils and students undergoing an internship as well as exchange program participants and those whose relatives reside on the territory of the receiving country are exempted from need for issue an official invitation while processing visas for the term up to 90 days.

The agreement also regulates the questions of processing multiple-entry visas valid for the term of up to 5 years. In addition, the term of considering requests for visas is limited now: normal – for five days or urgent – for three days.

According to the data of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during the year 144 Russian visas have been issued for the citizens of Liechtenstein. Visas to the Principality are issued for Russian citizens by the Consulate of Switzerland as Liechtenstein does not have its own diplomatic representation on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Montag, 6. April 2015