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Sergey Shpilko: „Konzeption und Objekte der touristischen Entwicklung sind zu bestimmen“

Sergey Shpilko: „Konzeption und Objekte der touristischen Entwicklung sind zu bestimmen“

Wir entschuldigen uns, nur die englische Version ist verfügbar.

The 19 May took place an interview with the president of the Russian union of tour industry Sergey Shpilko organized by the journal “Kommersant” where M. Shpilko answered the questions of readers of the journal. The questions concerned the law on the financial guaranties, the state of the tourist branch in Russia, the perspectives in the development and the influence of crises on the interior tourism and entry tourism.

In particular Mr. Shpilko signed that in the direction of entrance tourism the most perspective is health-improving tourism, sanatorium tourism. But as the financial means are not enough, the advertisement is not great and the system of taxation in this sphere isn't good planned, the development can't be realized.

Shpilko admits the fragility of the spa tourism in Russia but he also mentioned about the increasing popularity of sanatoriums for example of the Caucasus. But the service in these sanatoriums is not perfect at all, while prices are very high. Shpilko says that these sanatoriums must have more important place in the project “Healthy” as there is no analogue of this type of tourism in the world, so it must be more supported financially.

About the prices Sergey Shpilko announced that the trips on the North Sea side sanatoriums are 20–30% higher than in the other tourist directions. The reduction of the prices is not expected. The specialists note that Russian spa zones will be obliged to reduce prices and safety factor will allow them it. In case they don't reduce the prices, the tourist season 2009 will be failed.

During the interview Sergey Shpilko observed the problems of the tourist branch in details. In particular he noted the extreme lack of public transport development, imperfection of the custom politics that imposed excessive duties and doesn't allow renewing the transport means at the necessary degree. And then the bad safety of the tourist resources and insufficient legislative base damages the development of the sector.

As the result, according to the rating of the Global economic forum, the Russia is the 127th from 133 countries in the sphere of the national hospitality as governmental priority. Russia has the 59th place in competitive ability.

With the fall of ruble the last time the tours in Russia for the foreigners fold in price. But the foreign tourists don't hurry to use it. The quantity of applications for the tourism in Russia has reduced in 20–25% in 2009.

Montag, 25. Mai 2009