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Russian Post in Europe

Russian Post in Europe

The 28th of April 2009 in the capital of Norwegian in Oslo took place the meeting of the Russian-Norwegian group of the technologies and innovations in the sphere of information and communications.

This group was found in March 2006 in the network of the intergovernmental Russian-Norwegian commission of the economic, industrial and technical cooperation. Its activity is directed to the experience exchange in the development of the technologies and innovations in the sphere of information and communications in the sphere of education, public health and others important social spheres.

This time at the meeting took part not only the group members but the representatives of the Ministry of connection and mass communications of the Russian Federation as well.

After the meeting the protocol of the international cooperation was written and signed. In addition there were discussed the situation and the problems of the development of the systems of communication in the archipelago Spitsbergen. There was decided to sign the protocol about the creation here of a post “Russian Post” within 2 months.

The archipelago is under the jurisdiction of Norwegian, but Russia has here a special status according to the items of the agreement about Spitsbergen of 1920. Russia has here industrial and scientific interests and the local Russian Consulate was transformed in2008 into General Consulate.

The other problem for the discussion is the expansion of the cellular communications net in the polar regions.  The Russian delegation produced her ideas of the possibility of the creation in the settlement Barentzburg multiple-service net with the help of the Russian satellite “Express-АМ1” and expansion of the actual standard of the cellular communications GSM-900. According to the conception of the engineers, it must ensure the exchange of the interactive and multimedia services according to the protocol IP. This net is directed to the industrial and social needs.

The Norwegian in turn shared their development of the methods against the Internet swindle and defense of data. The sites decided to exchange the application experience of the legislation in the sphere of information defense and Internet delinquencies, and activity of the centers of response on the Computer default.

The Russian-Norwegian work includes the cooperation in the field of the creation of new visa documents and passport documents.

Monday, May 4, 2009