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Russian Private Visa

Russian Private Visa

Private visa is appropriate for those foreigners who have relatives or friends in Russia.

Since a Private Visa acquisition procedure is rather difficult and time consuming (especially for your friends or relatives), we recommend traveling on a Tourist or Business visa.

Private visa can be single- or double-entry with the maximum validity period of 90 days.

An Invitation for Private visa is issued (on a stamped form) by the local department of the Migration police upon the request of an individual (Russian citizen or a foreigner-holder of a Russian permanent residence permit). The Private Visa Invitation processing time can take up to 3 months.

Private visa can also be obtained directly at the Consulate:
  • upon written request of a Russian citizen intended to enter Russia accompanied by the members of his family who are foreign nationals
  • upon written notarized request of a EU citizen legally residing in Russia and inviting close relatives
  • when the occasion requires to enter Russia for immediate treatment or due to serious illness or death of a close relative upon presentation of the appropriate official documents
  • by foreigners visiting military and civil burial grounds upon presentation of the appropriate official documents

As a rule, Private visa can be issued in not less than 60 days with an average cost 100 € (except the time needed for a Russian citizen to apply for a Private Visa Invitation to the local Migration police department).

The extension of a Private visa is possible only in exceptional cases such as a serious illness. We strongly recommend you to keep in mind the expiry date of your visa in order to avoid problems upon departure from Russia.

Russian visa can be obtained by a foreigner only at the Russian Consulate in the country of which citizen he/she is.
Citizens of the Schengen countries can obtain a visa in any country-member of the Schengen Area.
To receive a Russian visa in a third country, one must submit a residence or work permit in this country.

Frequently asked questions about private visa

Can I process a Private Visa Invitation through your company?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Our company issues Invitations only for tourist and business visas. Russian friends or relatives you are planning to stay with can apply for a Private Visa Invitation for you through their local Migration police office and should send you its original. Since the procedure to acquire a Private Visa Invitation is rather difficult and time consuming, we recommend traveling on a tourist or business visa.