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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

To obtain a Russian visa, you should submit to the Russian Consulate or visa centre Travel Insurance with 30,000 € (or $30,000) coverage issued by a reliable insurance company.

In most cases you need to purchase an insurance policy “for one trip” which is valid for the entire period of your stay in Russia.

If you need a double or multiple-entry visa, you can purchase an insurance policy only for the duration of your first trip, for the next trip you will need to purchase a new policy.

For those who plan visiting Russia frequently, it is more convenient to purchase an “annual insurance policy” for the total number of days of stay in all trips, the maximum insurance coverage period is 1 year; if necessary, you can purchase a policy for the next year.

On our site you can choose one of two types of the insurance policy and purchase it online:

  • Option A – a cheap policy from Russian insurance company or
  • Option B – a more expensive policy from an international insurance company

Both options meet the requirements of Russian consulates and visa centres.

Option A

Find out the price of the insurance policy, order and pay it online on our website. The policy will be sent to your e-mail within 15 minutes (during office hours).

If additional insurance needed (active leisure, dangerous work, etc.) – contact our specialist.

Travel Insurance – creating the order


Price calculation


Main data



Full years on the beginning of the trip

If more than 30 days, we recommend purchasing an annual policy.
Number of days of stay in a year:

Option B

Choose Russia as destination, indicate your residence country, the start and end dates of the trip, indicate your age (you can also specify the age of other travellers to get the insurance policy for everyone at once).

The service is provided by a reliable Visa House partner and should be requested and paid as a separate order.