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Notarized translation

Notarized translation

Giving juridical force to a foreign document in order to submit it to the Russian authorities is accomplished into 2 stages:

  • Professional translator translates the document.
  • Notary certifies the authenticity of the signature of this, known to him personally, translator.

The specific types of documents (e.g., constitutive agreements, regulations, warrant, etc) are certified with the presence of apostille (for documents given out in countries signed the Hague convention), or legalization in the appropriate Consulate (for documents given out in countries which have not signed the Hague convention).

List of countries for which the certification of Russian notary is sufficient.

List of states with which the Russian Federation concluded the agreements on the lawful aid which foresee the abolition of the legalization.

In specific cases some types of documents (e.g., Certificate of birth, of death, of marriage, etc.) do not require notarization, and it is sufficient to certify their translation by the stamp of translation bureau or by authorized organization.

Translation is printed out on the separate sheet (sheets), is attached to original or copy of document, laced, signed and stamped by notary with the indication of precise quantity of sheets.

Visa House provides services in translation and notarization of all types of documents from all foreign languages.

In most cases it is not required to present the original document. On our site you can make the order online, attach scanned copy of document (or send it by email) and make payment.

You can pick up the notarized translation in 2 working days in our office or order the delivery by courier in Moscow or by express-mail.

In addition, you can order the necessary quantity of notarized copies of the translated documents.

If you already have translation of document and you need only its notarization, then this document is subject to the preliminary check by our editor-translator. The cost of this order is reduced.

Prices for notarized translation

Document Processing time Price
Passport 2 w.days 45
Certificate of degree 2 w.days 50
Certificate of degree with apostille 2 w.days 55
Marriage certificate 2 w.days 55
Birth certificate 2 w.days 55
Other document 2 w.days from 0