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Ein einziges Unternehmen wird den Flughafen „Sheremetyevo“

Ein einziges Unternehmen wird den Flughafen „Sheremetyevo“

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At the conference taking place Oct. 6 in the department of economic development the decision has been taken to gather all the terminals of the largest Russian airport Sheremetyevo under the direction of a single company, – communicate the newspaper “RBC Daily”.

The projects of unification of terminals will be presented Oct. 13 to the board of directors of “Sheremetyevo International Airport” JSC and “Aeroflot – Russian airlines” JSC.

At the present time three terminals – B, F and E are headed by “Sheremetyevo International Airport”, and the terminal D is in the jurisdiction of “Aeroflot”, that the company has built on money from investors and borrowings.

However, “Aeroflot” has already grown from the terminal and the carrier was trying to get access to all terminals of SIA turned for passengers by the endless delays of baggage, flight delays and queues – especially in summer seasons and New Year.

According to some experts, it is rather Moscow air junction that interests the investors and not the airport “Sheremetyevo” itself. The Minister of Economic Development Elvira Nabioullina noted in July of this year that Russian government has plans on attraction of a single management company to work with all airports in the capital. But for the moment there is no agreement of the other owners (Moscow has the majority ownership of “Vnukovo”, “Domodedovo” belongs to the “East Line”), and consolidation will begin by the airport “Sheremetyevo”.

For the first time the idea of a single management company for three airports appeared already in 2002. As such company was called public enterprise unit “Moscow air junction”, but the project was not realized.

Today “Sheremetyevo” is the largest Russian airport that served almost 15 million passengers last year. All shares of SIA are state-owned, as well as the majority ownership of “Aeroflot”.

Dienstag, 12. Oktober 2010