Special-aim Tourist Visa Invitation

Russian Tourist Visa

Special-aim Tourist visa Invitation is a unified document consisting of a Tourist Confirmation with the attached (not always) Tourist Voucher containing the information on the stay in the country. The only difference from an ordinary tourist visa is additional mark “special-aim tourism” in the Confirmation and Voucher. In addition, we send a sample of the filled in Consular Questionnaire. As a rule, the Special-aim Tourist visa Invitation can be submitted to the Consulate in copy.

Sample of Russian Visa Tourist Confirmation
Sample of Russian Visa Tourist Voucher
Sample of Russian Visa Tourist Questionnaire
Sample of Travel Insurance Policy

Tourist Visa Invitation – creating the order






Russian Consulate where visa will be obtained

First select the country

Date of birth:
Passport expires:

Preliminary travel plan:

You can add 3 more cities. Moscow should be mentioned in a plan but it is not necessary to visit it. You can visit any other cities as well.
Choose a hotel and a transfer in each city if they are already known or leave the variants shown by default.
The specified data will be sufficient to get a Russian visa.