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Foreigners in Russia will get pads

Foreigners in Russia will get pads

It is planned plans to issue pads to foreign tourists in Moscow with access to the Internet and a number of applications to help to orientate oneself in the capital, – informs the agency “RIA Novosti”.

In particular, the owners of the pads will be able to book a taxi, look at the map, and get information on nearby attractions and services. In addition, the author of the project, the Internet provider the “Central Telegraph” announced the beginning of the development of a native application that will help tourists to find their way in the capital.

As the project authors hope, the idea will be in demand by tourists.

“Now almost every tourist has its own smart phone or pad, – noted in a statement the “Central Telegraph”, – but a foreigner who comes to Moscow is unlikely to know a service “Yandex.Taxi”, for example, and he will take a long time before he finds out. And if for 150 rubles per day, he can get the device with all necessary to live in Moscow, he will take advantage of this service and will take the pad for rent.”

The offer will be available in 2014.

Monday, July 29, 2013