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The government secured flights

The government secured flights

Until recently Russian airlines deplored the lack of protection from aggression and bullying by passengers. The measures against rowdies on board a plane could be taken earlier only by militia according to the code of administrative infractions.

So before the passenger could escape with a clause “disorderly conduct” and a fine of 500 rubles for the financial damage and even for some physical damages caused to the airlines.

But the actions of that passenger can be not only a breach of rules while smoking on board a plane but cause also important losses when the pilot has to change the itinerary to deliver the violator to the authorities.

Airlines insisted since long ago on the criminal liability of those passengers and certainly on the adequate increasing of fine for the illegal behavior.

On the 9th June the government adopted the law “Amending the Code of the Russian Federation about the administrative infractions”. It specifies sanctions for the non-observance of the security rules during the flight. The project of the law was presented by the vice-minister of transport Sergey Aristov.

According to the new law the fine for the passengers in case of non-compliance with the regulations of the captain of the crew, smoking, alcohol drinking will be increased till 5 thousand rubles.

However, the new law not only determines responsibility passengers before airline, but also the responsibility of the carrier.

Thus, for the lack of on board the aircraft search and survival equipment can be fined 40 thousand rubles. For the overlooked luggage and for the presence on board a plane of substances and objects forbidden for the transportation the fine will be from 10 till 50 thousand rubles.

The fine is also imposed for the non-observance of the rules of the placing of transport means and other objects on the territory of the airport.

The additional responsibility is imposed on the pilots. For the drink-aviating the deprivation of driving permit is considered for 3 years. For the situation when the plane is aviated by the person without required documents in different circumstances the fine will be from 2 till 5 thousand rubles.

Monday, June 15, 2009