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Neue Tarife der Moskauer Flughäfen

Neue Tarife der Moskauer Flughäfen

Wir entschuldigen uns, nur die englische Version ist verfügbar.

On March 18 the administration of the Federal Service of the tariffs of Russia – in response to the proposal of capital airports – made the decision to change the existing tariffs for the ground handling for foreign boards. Furthermore, because of the instability of Ruble, the solution was to use the dollar tariffs.

This decision was caused by the fact that because of the financial crisis the airport service lose their profitability and they cannot fully implement the extensive investment programs and carry out the plans of development. Increase in the tariffs is called to balance the situation.

In particular, according to the communication of “Newspaper”, Sheremetyevo Airport plans to increase the number of passengers four times by 2030 in comparison with 2008. 64 mln. people per year – this number is indicated in the plan of the development of the airport, work out by the company of Wilson's Scott. And already at the beginning of 2010 it is planned to put into use new terminal E.

Vnukovo plans to open the first turn of railway station complexes Vnukovo-1 and Vnukovo-2.

The management of airport Domodedovo has their own plans. The building of the second passenger terminal is already begun. Furthermore it is necessary to solve the problems with the access to the airport.

As explained in the interview for RIA News Andrey Pryanishnikov, the press- secretary leader of the Rosaeronavigations, “The increase of the rate for the aero services of the international boards, in no way can influence a notable increase in the cost of airline tickets, and also become negative factor in the financial activity of airlines”.

As emphasized Mr. Pryanishnikov, the indexing of the rates for the aero maintenance for the international airplanes is the necessary condition for fulfilling the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and observance of the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation.

Thus, according to the solution of Federal Tariff Service of Russia, the tariff will comprise: collection for the take-off – 10.5 US dollars for 1 ton of maximum takeoff mass; collection for the use of air terminal – 8.4 dollars for 1 passenger.

Collection for providing of aviation safety – 6.3 dollars for each diminishing passenger more than 2 years old for the passenger airplanes; 5.4 dollars for 1 ton of maximum takeoff mass for the cargo airplanes, for the passenger airplanes with the landing on alternate airport or if the changes in the commercial load does not occur.

At the same time the tariff collections for the internal voyages will remain without changes.

Montag, 23. März 2009