FMS bietet an, auf Quoten-System zugunsten des Scoring-Systems zu verzichten

FMS bietet an, auf Quoten-System zugunsten des Scoring-Systems zu verzichten

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Russian Federal Migration Service (FMS) has proposed the abolition of quotas in attracting working migrants. The proposal set forth in the “Concept of the state migration policy of Russia until 2025” was approved by the Public Chamber, – reports the newspaper “Kommersant”.

Under the new concept, foreigners seeking employment and registration in Russia will be scored. As the head of the Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovsky noted: “Criteria for the selection of migrants should be age, education, training, ability to adapt” – quotes ITAR-TASS. Foreign students studying in Russian universities will receive preference in this selection system.

As the head of the FMS noted, with such a regulation of labor migration, more attention will be paid to not quantitative but qualitative selection of candidates for the job in Russia.

Romodanovsky pointed out that “the simplification of entry and removal of restrictions on work and studying of family members of foreign workers who have signed long-term employment contracts are supposed” – which also should affect the level of migrant workers and increase Russia's attractiveness in the eyes of skilled foreigners.

FMS initiative, in particular, explains by the statistics. Thus, it is expected that the number of able-bodied Russians decreased by 10 million people, while the number of older people will increase. Consequently, there will be a serious labor shortage.

In general, the concept of state migration policy of Russia provides for, first, the big bureaucratic relief for qualified foreign specialists and their families, as well as the gradual elimination of mandatory permits for temporary residence.

Dienstag, 2. August 2011