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VIP-Service in Moskauer Flughäfen

VIP-Service in Moskauer Flughäfen

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In connection with the development of Russian tourism, from simple trips to business travel and arrival of foreign delegations, the airports are increasingly developing network of VIP-services.

Primarily, these services cover the scope of bureaucratic procedures, such as check-in, customs and baggage registration. That is, in fact, the passenger removes all the responsibilities that are most annoying at the airport: standing in lines and endless running around the halls of the airport with suitcases, bags and backpacks.

The usual list of VIP-rooms include separate check-in desks for the flight without any lines, increased attention to the baggage – it is delivered on a separate register and, as a rule, handled much more carefully. Sometimes, the airport also offers a shuttle to its hotel – in case of substantial delay or flight cancellation.

In addition to bureaucratic problems, VIP service helps to smooth over the flight waiting and not to lose time in vain. Typically, in these rooms there is a free Internet, a telephone and a conference room. Also in the VIP-room, there is often a separate restaurant and souvenir shops. Often, the passengers are provided with special parking area.

Terms of service order and payment at each airport may be different. But as a rule, the reservation must be made in advance – no less than six hours prior to arrival at the airport. Airports also reserve the right to take a fine in case of late cancellation of request for the VIP-service.

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