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Die Moskauer Behörden versuchen, die Kontrolle über die ausländischen Arbeitnehmer zu beenden

Die Moskauer Behörden versuchen, die Kontrolle über die ausländischen Arbeitnehmer zu beenden

Wir entschuldigen uns, nur die englische Version ist verfügbar.

In connection with the crisis, which caused ever growing unemployment, the government of Moscow decided to take the measures, which must regulate the relations between the employers, the foreign workers and the Muscovites, who lost work.

In the interview to the “Russian newspaper” the leader of the committee of interregional connections and national policy Mikhail Solomentsev described the project of adoption of taxes to the use of labor of guest workers which is now developed. This tax must force employers to consider more seriously the qualification and the real need of the foreigner accepted for work. By such means according to Solomentsev, in the first place increase the overall level of the qualification of foreign specialists, and in the second place change the frivolous attitude of employer toward its workers. Therefore if owner is agreeable to pay tax for the worker, he is actually interested in him.

For the substantiation of the need for this tax Mikhail Solomentsev cited data of the statistics, which asserts that in 2008 260 thousand people obtained the work permit, whereas almost two million legally arrived to Moscow. What is doing those, who did not obtain the work permit, cannot be find out.

Moreover according to Mr. Solomentseva, only 176 thousand vacancies are free today in Moscow.

Furthermore – one additional initiative of Moscow authorities – in the first quarter of 2009 it is planned to introduce the plastic card of foreign guest. Actually it will be an electronic passport – to the electronic chip, implanted into the card, will be brought in all information about the owner: name, from where and when he arrived, with what purpose, for what period. This card would help to follow the situation with the foreign workers.

At the same time, as Mr. Solomentsev noted, this card is exceptionally Moscow initiative. “We attempt to control process, we want to have the most complete and most objective information about those, who come to Russia and also with what purpose, how and where work force overflows. But it is on no account intended to disrupt the federal legislation, which does not provide such cards for the visitors”.

Certainly, there is the probability that the project will remain at the level of experiment. Indeed so that the card would work, it is necessary to set up the united base of the most different departments and structures. Nevertheless, Moscow authorities hope to in a short time extend the electronic system of the calculation of foreign citizens to entire city. “A subsequently, I hope, she will be extended also at the federal level”, stated Mikhail Solomentsev.

Montag, 12. Januar 2009