Bedingungen der Visumpflicht zwischen der EU und Russland wird sich nicht ändern

Bedingungen der Visumpflicht zwischen der EU und Russland wird sich nicht ändern

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The representative of the European Union in Russia Vygaudas Ušackas on air of the radio station “Echo of Moscow” said that the simplified visa regime, which came into force in 2006 between Russia and the EU, will continue to operate.

The diplomat noted that Europe is interested in maintaining good relations with Russia, but cannot completely ignore the situation in Crimea.

However, the 6th of March the work on or further simplification of the visa regime towards its abolition was suspended. At the same time as one of the possible measures to influence Russia the head of the EU Herman Van Rompuy named the prohibition to issue visas to Russian citizens. In response, the special envoy of the Russian Foreign Ministery Anvar Azimov said that this statement contradicts the agreement and is inadmissible.

At the same time in connection with the situation in the Crimea in the United States a bill that allows entering visa and economic sanctions against Russian officials and companies is discussed. In turn, Russian officials have appealed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a request to retaliate if the proposed law comes into force. Foreign Ministry confirmed that the adoption of tough anti-Russian sanctions will force to give a symmetrical response.

However, the experts remind that the interaction of Russian and American business lately was especially active. And such political moves can result in economic losses for both economies.

Montag, 17. März 2014