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„Durchbruch in den Beziehungen zu Lateinamerika“. Der Präsident von Ecuador besuchte Russland

„Durchbruch in den Beziehungen zu Lateinamerika“. Der Präsident von Ecuador besuchte Russland

Wir entschuldigen uns, nur die englische Version ist verfügbar.

Last week The President of Ecuador Rafael Correa has visited Russia. The purpose of the visit was negotiations on the development of cooperation between two countries and signing of a number of documents to facilitate this cooperation.

For Russia the extension of diplomatic ties with Latin America has a specific meaning. According to RIA “Novosti” the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that Ecuador is one of the biggest Russian partners in the region.

Recently the economic cooperation between Russia and Ecuador develops very swiftly, so that the trade between the countries is nearly a billion dollars. A number of documents signed during the visit, will actively contribute to this cooperation.

In addition to the economy, on negotiations was discussed the possibility of enhanced cooperation in the humanitarian, energy and military fields. In particular, the President of Ecuador Rafael Correa said that his country intended to develop industry and energy. And will accept gladly the help from Russia in their projects.

As described in the interview to the radio station “Echo of Moscow” the Ambassador of Russia in Quito Jan Burlay, the signed documents are the real breakthrough in relations with Latin America: “I think this first contract opens the door for mutually beneficial military-technical cooperation”.

The Presidents signed in all seven documents, including those related to energy and peaceful atom. In addition, was signed a contract to supply two Russian troop aircrafts and the Declaration on strategic partnership.

The 28th of October there was a meeting between the head of the Federal Agency for tourism of RF Anatoly Yarochkin and the Minister of tourism of Ecuador Veronica Zion. They discussed the status of the tourism industry and shared plans concerning the reciprocal development of our countries. There was much talk about humanitarian contacts of countries, facilitation of visa regime: as obtaining visa to Russia is currently quite a long process. Facilitation of the visa regime will contribute to increased business cooperation and simplify the process of inviting the foreigners in Russia to work.

As well, as reports RIA PrimaMedia, an agreement was signed between the twin cities by the leaders of Vladivostok (Russia) and the municipality of Manta (Republic of Ecuador). The agreement was signed between the Governor of Vladivostok Igor Pouchkarev and the Mayor of the city of Manta Estrada Bonilla. The signing was attended by Dmitry Medvedev and Rafael Correa.

Montag, 2. November 2009