Die Staatsduma hat Änderungen des russischen Gesetzes über touristische Tätigkeiten angenommen

Die Staatsduma hat Änderungen des russischen Gesetzes über touristische Tätigkeiten angenommen

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The amendments to the Law “About bases of tourist activity in the Russian Federation” were adopted on first reading by the Duma plenary session on Wednesday, July 6.

In particular, these amendments apply to reduce the financial provision of tour operators working in the field of incoming tourism from 10 million rubles to 500 thousand rubles.

This measure is motivated by the fact that since the entry into force of the rates of financial provision to ensure proper execution by tour operator of its contractual obligations, within 3.5 years there was no any accident.

As a positive influence of amendment in the explanatory memorandum it is noted that: “Reducing the amount of financial support for travel agencies operating in the field of tourism will reduce the financial pressure on the organization, developing a priority direction of tourism.”

Another significant change relates to the contracts for tourist services. The amendments impose a ban on travel agents to carry out implementation of the tours on their own behalf. Now all the rights to sign the contracts belong only to the tour operator. It is also responsible for the proper performance of contract and service quality.

In addition, the list of grounds for exclusion of the information about tour operator from the uniform federal register of tour operators is expanded. This can be done by decision of the Arbitral Court. The same amendment prohibits the tour operator within one year after the exclusion to apply for re-entry of information into the registry.

Other amendments relate to the financial part of work of the tour operators and, in addition, impose a clear separation of functions between the two federal bodies of executive power: the Russian Ministry of Sport and Tourism and the Rostourism.

Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011