Wladiwostok kündigte die Absicht, die Visumpflicht für Ausländer vereinfachen

Wladiwostok kündigte die Absicht, die Visumpflicht für Ausländer vereinfachen

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The mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev proposed to introduce visa-free regime in the city for foreigners arriving at cultural festivals, sporting and other events. As planned by the Mayor the foreigners will be able to stay in Russia without a visa for 72 hours.

A positive example of this simplification the mayor named St. Petersburg: “We raise the question to make special regime for Vladivostok. Arriving to St. Petersburg for 72 hours, foreigners do not apply for the visa. We want to do the same in Vladivostok”.

The initiative of the authorities is caused by difficulties that the organizers and guests of the international music festival “Vladivostok Rocks” confronted. Thus, according to the founder of the festival Ilya Lagutenko, the leader of the group “Mummy Troll”, “The biggest problem was the issue of visas for foreign artists – as it turned out, we had to pay various fees and everything everywhere is done in different ways. I even had to personally talk with the Ambassador of South Africa, to ask him to help musicians do not miss the festival due to visa problems”, quotes the RIA Deyta.RU the organizers words.

However, in Russia there is no law allowing a foreign national to stay on the territory of Russia without visa. The only ones who have such an opportunity are the passengers of cruise liners, provided that they stay the night on board of the ship.

Montag, 26. August 2013