Die Unterhaltungs-und Touristischen Zentren in Moskau erscheinen werden

Die Unterhaltungs-und Touristischen Zentren in Moskau erscheinen werden

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In Moscow it will be implemented a number of projects to create the entertainment and tourism centers, – informed Sergey Sobyanin the reporters on Wednesday. After project approval the Municipality will seek the investors.

In general, the idea of entertainment centers within the city areas has its own history. In particular, in April in an interview with the Russian newspaper Sergei Sobyanin told about the concept of an amusement park similar to “Disneyland”.

“It is clear that the town needs a theme park (Disneyland) full of amusements and sports grounds. There is a project to create it in a bottomland Nagatinsky. We will try this year to hold a competition and attract investors”, – noted the mayor in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

Also they plan improvement of the embankments of the Moscow River, creating a user-friendly approach, beaches and pedestrian areas. Along the river it is planned to create the longest cycle route: from “Muzeon” to Park Pobedy.

“Let's start with the resettlement of the Crimean waterfront. Then will be the turn of the territory under the pedestrian area on the banks of the Moscow River in the industrial area of ZIL, which is soon going to tender with a view to restructuring. Then in the Tushino area,” – quotes the media the mayor.

Montag, 3. Juni 2013