US-Bürger konnten leicht ein Mehrfacheinreisevisum nach Russland bekommen

US-Bürger konnten leicht ein Mehrfacheinreisevisum nach Russland bekommen

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US Ambassador in Moscow John Beyrle said in live to the radio station “Ekho Moskvy” about the plans of Russia and US to sign the agreement on issuing multiple entry visas for a period of three years. The agreement will affect businessmen and tourists traveling between countries.

The statement is the result of a meeting between Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama at the summit of G8 in Deauville, on May 26. At this meeting the leaders of two countries agreed to instruct the offices to prepare the proposals on simplification of bureaucratic procedure of issuing visas for businessmen and tourists.

As John Beyrle said: “I think that after two months in maximum the agreement on issuing the new multiple-entry visas valid for three years will be already signed”. As the diplomat emphasized, such document will become a major breakthrough in relations between the two countries. The document regulating the new visa orders will be ready no later than in the autumn.

As experts explain, it does not go for full abolition of visa or a serious simplification of visa regime, but the new agreement would be more liberal and convenient for citizens of both countries.

Montag, 30. Mai 2011