Eine Reiseverlauf ähnlich der roten Linie wird in Moskau vorbereitet werden

Eine Reiseverlauf ähnlich der roten Linie wird in Moskau vorbereitet werden

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Within the framework of Moscow tourist infrastructure’s preparations for the World Cup which will be held in 2018, the main sights of the metropolis will be included into a single itinerary.

The itinerary will be based on the idea of so-called “Red line” which is used in some European cities to simplify the navigation. Although in European countries the red line is painted or bricked, in Russia a specially designed multi-language mobile application will serve as the index. According to the authors of the project, this decision will be more effective and easier considering the climatic characteristics of the city.

According to the announcement of Moscow Tourism Department, “this itinerary is intended to simplify the navigation in the city for foreign visitors and to help tourists to get acquainted with the main attractions of the tourist destination.”

Due to the experts, the Moscow Red line should unify the Pushkin Museum, the Historical Museum, Red Square, the Kremlin, the Tretyakov Gallery and other sights.

The application will be distributed through the AppStore and GooglePlay.

The experience of such itineraries is widely used in several major Russian cities. So, in Yekaterinburg the length of the red line is 6.5 kilometers. Herewith, all the inhabitants of the city took part at the preparation of the itinerary which was publicly discussed in the Internet.

Montag, 1. Juni 2015