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Reisen nach Russland mit Haustieren wird einfacher

Reisen nach Russland mit Haustieren wird einfacher

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Travelling with pets to Russia, as well as in Russia, has now become easier. The company Animal Airways – the world's first organizer of pets transportation – has opened an office in Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport, – reported news agency RIA Novosti.

Decision to open the office is due to the fact that, according to specialists, in Eastern Europe there is no worthy carrier who actually cares about safety of animals during the flight and comfort of a pet during registration on the flight.

Dr. Ethan Kreiner, a chief veterinarian of the company noted: “Other airlines for security and cost savings are inventing new rules regarding pets. We believe that even the transportation of pets in the luggage compartment is extreme violence. Sometimes new rules of airlines are impossible to fulfill. We strive to bring the conditions of carriage of animals closer to domestic conditions.”

Now the requirements of airlines for transportation of animals are roughly the same, – states the agency Rosbalt. In particular, before booking a ticket the passenger is required to obtain the consent of the carrier to transport a pet that is not easy. One can carry an animal only in a special container with a leakproof bottom. Moreover, a pet gets in plane only if its weigh is less than eight kilogram with the cell (this figure varies in different airlines), and the size of the cell corresponds to the size of carry-on baggage: that is about 56×36×23 cm.

If the animal does not meet these requirements, it has to fly in the baggage compartment after receiving a sleeping draught.

Animal Airways experts have developed a system to simplify and humanize the carriage of animals. Lawyers of the company offer a range of solutions to simplify the procedure of preparation of documents for the animal. A crew of aircraft, where carriage is planned, includes veterinarians and consultants.

To date, offices of Animal Airways already exist in the world's largest cities: New York, Tel Aviv, Buenos Aires, London, Toronto, Madrid and many others.

Montag, 24. Mai 2010