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Eine Reise nach Russland zu planen, ist einfacher

Eine Reise nach Russland zu planen, ist einfacher

Wir entschuldigen uns, nur die englische Version ist verfügbar.

In March 2011 a new internet project of company “Reisebuero Welt” will appear in runet, it will be devoted to congress tourism opportunities in Russia, – reports the news agency Interfax.

As the CEO Larissa Zazulina informed the agency, in Russia there is no yet such a site.

According to the concept of the site, “The portal www.conference.su will collect the most complete and consolidated information on opportunities for activities in Russia. On the portal the organizers of events and exhibitions will be able to find the official prices of all hotels in Russia on the conference facilities and select the optimal conditions for themselves”, – told Larissa Zazulin to Interfax.

Almost simultaneously, Rosturizm declared their intention to launch its Internet portal dedicated to inbound tourism. During the specialized exhibition “Intourmarket” in Moscow a multimedia portal “Welcome to Russia” will be presented to the visitors. According to the authors, the portal discloses to foreign at full capacity the tourist possibilities of Russia, and as well, it will help them to plan their trip.

”The new internet resource will gather in one place all the latest information on tourism opportunities in Russia, necessary to potential foreign tourists and Russians wishing to travel in their native country”, – informs Rostourism in its press release.

Montag, 28. Februar 2011