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Die Quote für Ausländer in Russland erhöht

Die Quote für Ausländer in Russland erhöht

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According to the decree signed by Dmitry Medvedev, the quota for issuance of the temporary residence permits for foreign citizens and stateless persons residing on the territory of Russia has been increased by 18% – from 128055 to 151175 people.

Quotas have been increased at the request of authorities of 38 regions of Russia, in 22 of which the limit on residence of foreign nationals is currently exhausted by 70–100%. The additional range of quotas has been allotted to these regions in accordance with their requests. 47 regions of Russia, in turn, informed the government that the quota increase would not be required.

The biggest share in the distribution of quotas was obtained by the Central district which got more than 44 thousand.

It is the second increase in quotas for this year. For the first time the government increased quotas in April 2015 and by 16%.

According to the Russian Federal Migration Service data, about 10.6 million foreign citizens entered Russia in the end of August 2015. At that, about 11 million foreigners including a million refugees from Ukraine are staying in the country.

Montag, 14. September 2015