Das größte Eismuseum Europas wurde in Moskau eröffnet

Das größte Eismuseum Europas wurde in Moskau eröffnet

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The largest indoor museum of ice sculptures of Europe has been opened in Moscow, which will work year-round.

The museum is placed in the pavilion № 11 of Moscow's Sokolniki Park. It occupies a total area of 700 square meters; the exhibition is situated on 500 square meters from the general seven hundred.

In the museum due to the freezers the constant temperature is 10 degrees of frost, so it will work even in the summer heat.

At the entrance the adult visitors of the museum can get warm jackets, but for the children the additional clothing is not provided.

Also in the museum an ice cafe will be open, where all meals will be served on plates of ice.

To create the exposure 800 tons of ice and 200 tons of snow are needed, – report news agencies.

Among the exhibits one can see cartoon characters, insects, aliens, penguins, mythological characters and much more. One of the halls of the museum recreates a furnished living room with fireplace and accessories.

The museum will work in Sokolniki Park during two years, the exposure will change be changed four times. The world's most famous sculptors will participate in creation of new exhibitions.

The museum is open daily and entrance fee during the weekend cost 200 rubles.

Montag, 13. Dezember 2010