Ausländer können in Russland ohne Visum 72 Stunden bleiben werden

Ausländer können in Russland ohne Visum 72 Stunden bleiben werden

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The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation began developing the bill that would allow foreign citizens to stay in Russia for three days without visa, – informs the agency “Interfax” referring to Vladimir Medinsky, the Minister of Culture.

During the meeting with the members of the Education Committee Medinsky noted that the Ministry was engaged in the development of the bill in the first place in order to encourage inbound tourism in Russia.

The bill will increase the number of transit passengers in the largest Russian airports: Kazan, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. The minister said that this law is needed: “In order to for example if a Japanese citizen travels to Rome transit Moscow, he could go to the Bolshoi Theatre”. According statistics the number of such foreigners traveling through Russia is about 500,000 people annually. If during the 72 hours in Russia every foreigner spends at least $500, it will bring significant revenue to the country, – noted the minister.

Simultaneously with this bill, the department is busy developing the law that would allow foreign participants of scientific congresses, sports events, cultural festivals and other special events to stay in Russia up to 10 days without visa.

Montag, 15. Oktober 2012