Rosturizm Ziel, das Verfahren der Ausstellung russischer Visa zu vereinfachen

Rosturizm Ziel, das Verfahren der Ausstellung russischer Visa zu vereinfachen

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According to the head of the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism Oleg Safonov, the procedure of issuing Russian visas for foreigners should be simplified – it is necessary to reduce the cost of visas and issue them in a shorter period.

“The cost of an entry visa is more than $ 100. It is necessary to create such a system that will allow foreign nationals to get Russian visas easier and in the most comfortable way. We need to issue long-term multiple-entry visas, reduce their costs and speed up the process. We should be competitive in the world in terms of the issuance of visas”, – said the head of the Federal Agency for Tourism to the TV channel Russia 24.

It is worth recalling that in 2015 Russia was visited by about 31.6 million foreign nationals that allowed the country to enter (for the first time) in the top ten most popular countries of the world according to the UN World Tourism Organization (the list was headed by France, Spain and the USA).

According to Mr. Safonov, the simplification of Russian visas’ issuing procedures will increase the tourist flow into the country and, as a result, will contribute to the further entry of Russia into the top three most popular countries of the world.

One of the first steps towards the implementation of this plan is to open Russian tourism offices around the world. Besides eight currently existing offices, it is planned to open the first office in Qatar and the second one in China in the near future.

In addition, now is actively discussed the possibility of introducing electronic tourist visas aimed at increasing tourist flow into Russia and developing tourism infrastructure of the country.

Dienstag, 17. Mai 2016