St. Petersburg reduziert die Quote für ausländische Arbeitnehmer

St. Petersburg reduziert die Quote für ausländische Arbeitnehmer

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Authorities of St. Petersburg plan to lower migratory quotas in 2014, – informs agency “Interfax”.

“This year we had a quota in 154 thousand 88 persons. We have already made an application to Ministry of Labor on 2014; the application was with understating in several thousand. Our application should be approved in the near future”, – is spoken in the message of committee on work and employment of the population of St. Petersburg.

Exact numbers of necessary work force for city from abroad is not informed, because at first federal officials must approve the document.

However, it is already known that in the first place quota reduction will touch the employment of the staff and staff recruitment. For these companies, who are the intermediaries, but no employers, quotas will be reduced from 12.5 thousand to 6.5 thousand.

The main cause of reduction of quota for recruiting agencies was inspection results by the Committee on labor and employment of St. Petersburg. The inspection revealed numerous applications of employment of workers, filed by these agencies, by occupations that do not match the declared activity of recruiting agencies.

Montag, 19. August 2013