Russische Eisenbahnen hat gestartet seine eigene Linie Moskau – St  Petersburg – Tallinn

Russische Eisenbahnen hat gestartet seine eigene Linie Moskau – St Petersburg – Tallinn

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On July 7, it started to sale tickets for the train running from Moscow to Tallinn via St. Petersburg; the first train went on July 10 from Moscow.

The train will be daily departing from Leningradsky railway terminal at 21:20, then there will be a stop in St. Petersburg from 5:16 to 6:03 and then the train will arrive in Tallinn at 13:38. The train will depart from Tallinn at 15:20 and arrive in Moscow at 9:32. It is expected that there will be two long-term stops during this route: first in St. Petersburg needed to couple or uncouple additional cars and second on border control in Ivangorod and Narva.

At the moment, experts mention two major disadvantages of the route: a long time of the journey – up to 16 hours and 18 minutes, and different railway stations of departure and arrival in St. Petersburg. For example, the train from Moscow will make a stop at the Moscow train station, while the return train will stop at Ladoga station.

However, this route with a stop in St. Petersburg was chosen to expand passenger traffic on the route.

The lack of passengers and unprofitableness of the route became the reason why “Estonian Railways” stopped passenger service with Moscow and St. Petersburg in the spring of 2015. As far as until now, passengers from Moscow traveled to Estonia by train via Ivangorod and passengers from St. Petersburg preferred to travel by bus, experts hope that this the route will become more economically advantageous after combining these two streams.

The train is currently to include five cars: three compartments, one reserved seat and a sedentary one. In addition, it is planned to create comfortable surroundings for passengers with disabilities.

The cost of a ticket from Moscow to Tallinn now starts from 3,139 rubles to 4,455 rubles and from St. Petersburg to Tallinn – from 1,292 rubles to 2,040 rubles.

Montag, 13. Juli 2015