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FMS: Russland braucht Arbeitsmigranten

FMS: Russland braucht Arbeitsmigranten

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Russia needs the inflow of labor from abroad. This position of the Federal Migration Service of Russia was voiced by the Deputy of the Service Ekaterina Yegorova at a press conference in Moscow.

“In the countries with the demographic decline, the economy needs dictate not only to attract, but to struggle for migrants” – quotes the agency “Interfax” the statement of Yegorova.

In the same statement, the representative of the FMS emphasized that currently the migration attractiveness of Russia is not so high for highly qualified specialists, as we would like.

The opinion that the newcomers take jobs while in Russia was denied on the same press conference. As noted by Olga Chudinovskikh the Expert of the Centre for Population Studies, Faculty of Economics in Lomonosov MSU, most unemployed people in Russia live outside the major cities and in rural areas. At the same time on a proposal to move and get a job only 12% of those surveyed agreed – says the Russian newspaper.

According to experts, the activities of foreign employers would bring the Russian economy a good profit. Thus, it is estimated that over 8 months of work they produce the goods on 2 trillion rubles.

Montag, 10. Oktober 2011