St.-Petersburg wird die Zahl der Touristen auf 8 Millionen erhöhen

St.-Petersburg wird die Zahl der Touristen auf 8 Millionen erhöhen

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The government of St.-Petersburg has accepted the new Program of development of tourism in a city on 2011-2016, informs press-service of Smolny. The new program will cost about 872 million rubles and it is for increase in a tourist stream to 8.1 million persons a year (in 2010 the tourist stream accounted for 5.1 million persons).

Alexey Chichkanov, the chairman of Committee on investments and strategic projects, has told about the main tasks of the target program. In particular, it is a question of increase in average period of stay of tourists in Petersburg, increase in quantity of repeated visits, increase of quantity of rendered services. In addition, the mass-media informs that this time congress tourism stands with separate line.

The program contains a number of new offers. Such as creation of tourist police, developments of a network of campsites, and possibility for foreigners who can stay 72 hours without the visa by new rules are in Petersburg, to register marriage within two days after filing of application.

However experts mark, a primary factor which is frightening foreign visitors – not absence of campsites, and exclusive high prices together with absence of programs of low costs.

One more of the main problems are still bad transport availability of city center and a problem of a transfer from the airport and seaport.

Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011