Moskauer Polizei lernen, mit ausländischen Touristen kommunizieren

Moskauer Polizei lernen, mit ausländischen Touristen kommunizieren

Leider ist diese Seite nun auf Deutsch unzugänglich.

Moscow police will take special training sessions and courses to learn to communicate with foreign tourists. The appropriate training programs are prepares by the Main Directorate of Internal Affairs, – informs the agency RIA Novosti.

“The lessons and training programs are created and prepared for staff on the psychology of communication, practice talking to a tourist, overcoming the language barrier, initial language training, territorial Moscow history and other important aspects”, – the agency quotes the statement of the government press service.

The reasons for the introduction of the program are the increased number of foreign tourists in Moscow and the frequent cases when a police officer because of ignorance of the language, as well as certain aspects of the tourist city life, is unable to help them.

The press service particularly stressed the need for at least minimal knowledge of the English language among the police on duty in the city center and tourist facilities. An example is the police of the European countries where all staff speak foreign languages in varying degrees.

Thus, the staff will be completed by police officers who know the English language, and current officials will be actively encouraged to learn the language.

Montag, 7. Oktober 2013