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Migranten bereit erklärt, in der russischen Polizei zu dienen

Migranten bereit erklärt, in der russischen Polizei zu dienen

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Migrants expressed willingness to serve in the Russian police

Head of the Union of Russian migrants Muhammad Amin Madzhumder offered the Interior Ministry to finalize the federal law “On Police” so that the migrants were granted the right to serve in the Russian police, – informs the international news agency “Russia Today”. According to the head of the Union, this measure will help to effectively combat crime in the migrant environment, which is currently prevented by the cultural and linguistic alienation of police officers.

“We believe it would be fair if migrants have the opportunity to work with the police of the Russian Federation. They can be interpreters and policemen to help the local police to act effectively in the case of inter-ethnic conflicts. We are now preparing a proposal to the Russian authorities that they consider the possibility of attracting migrants to work in the police”, – he said to the media.

Chairman of the Movement “Tajik migrant workers” Karomat Sharipov generally welcomed the initiative of colleagues, but said that currently the Russian society is not ready to accept foreign policemen, and such changes should be done gradually.

Meanwhile, the representative of the press center of the Russian Interior Ministry said that foreign citizens cannot serve in the Russian police. Referring to the seventh chapter of the thirty-fifth article of the law “On Police”, he stated that “Only Russian citizens may serve in the Interior. If volunteers to serve in the police will pass the verification and get citizenship, there is no problem”. Similar rules apply to the Interior Ministry troops, reminded the press service.

Montag, 21. April 2014