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In Russland Touristenpolizei geschaffen warden

In Russland Touristenpolizei geschaffen warden

Wir entschuldigen uns, nur die englische Version ist verfügbar.

This summer on the streets of Moscow a special unit of the Interior Ministry will be created – the tourist police, – informs the “Moscow 24”. To help foreigners trained 100 police officers are trained, they will patrol the downtown streets and pedestrian areas of the city. The training will be completed by the beginning of July, – quotes the edition the head chief of the Interior Ministry Anatoly Yakushin.

The staff at the unit was selected with equal knowledge of a foreign language, topography and history of Moscow. So for the entire group a unified training program was developed, which in addition to improving spoken English skills includes the development of communication skills with foreign tourists.

The practice of establishing such units exist in many European cities and generally works well. As a rule, they protect foreigners from possible danger, help them to navigate the city, resolve emerging conflict situations. Typically, the telephone number of the tourist police is indicated in guidebooks, in hotels and on the ads intended for foreigners.

However, Russian experts are skeptical regarding the creation of the tourist police. For example, they note that a significant number of foreign nationals travel to Russia in groups and, therefore, are under the care of guides. In addition, the experts doubt the competence of the police for tourists, but at the same time noting that in critical situations the aid of such specials could be extremely useful.

Montag, 3. März 2014