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Europa wird Russland helfen, mit dem Feuer fertig zu werden

Europa wird Russland helfen, mit dem Feuer fertig zu werden

Wir entschuldigen uns, nur die englische Version ist verfügbar.

The countries of Europe and CIS offered help to extinguish the fire in the territory of Russia. It is the question of formation of the international land and air group of fire-fighting. The forces of Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, France and other countries will be involved.

Germany in the name of Angela Merkel has been first to offer help. As the director of Department of international activity of Ministry of Emergency Measures Yury Brazhnikov has informed: “On July, 31st we have already received the first offers of help, it was Germany”.

The brigade from Bulgaria has already arrived. As Brazhnikov has noted: “They are the 100 best fighters of the fire protection equipped up to the date for the suppression of fire”.

Besides, the negotiations were held between Sergey Shojgu, the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russian Federation, and Ezhi Miller, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland. Following the results of negotiations Brazhnikov has informed that the Polish firemen will arrive to Russia as well.

On August, 7th, Saturday, the prime minister of France François Villon has informed in the conversation with Vladimir Putin about the readiness of the country to send the plane to Russia for the suppression of the forest fire, – informs the agency “RIA Novosti”.

“The heads of the governments of the two countries have discussed during negotiations various questions connected with the rendering of help by the French side to Russia in the struggle against the forest fire. François Fillon has informed that the plane is flying out from France for these purposes”, – noted in press-service of Russian government.

“Today the whole world expresses the solidarity to Russia, the European Union, France find the possibilities of rendering effective support to Russia, Agency of emergency situations of the USA is also in the direct dialogue with us”, – the director of Department of Ministry of Emergency Measures has noted, – informs mass-media.

Besides the direct participation in the suppression of fire, the countries are ready to assist in the liquidation of consequences and rehabilitation of victims. It is the question of local residents, pilots and firemen. In particular, as Brazhnikov has noted: “Germany is ready to assist in the decision of the social problems, probably, in the habitation restoration”.

Fires are the consequence of the abnormal heat which was established in Russia from the middle of June. Fire keeps to grasp new settlements, tens hectares of forest burn out. The thousands of Russians have already remained without habitation, and many villages are under the threat. The cities not touched by fire, are wrapped up by the dense smoke screen, and the concentration of the harmful substances in the air exceeds the norm by 5-7 times.

Dienstag, 10. August 2010