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Entwicklung des arktischen Marinetourismus

Entwicklung des arktischen Marinetourismus

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According to the Minister of Industry and Enterprise Development Olga Kuznetsova, it is planned to develop the Arctic marine tourism in the Murmansk region. As noted, the development of the region will be carried out at the expense of foreign colleagues as well as with the support of the federal authorities.

The authorities of the region are going to develop cooperation with such countries experienced in this kind of tourism as Iceland and northern Norway. In particular, the Arctic is very interested in that the Norwegian cruise company Hurtigruten which sells tours along the Norwegian coast with a visit to Kirkenes extends its cruise lines to Murmansk.

It is also stressed that the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions together with Norway have identified the range of problems the Arctic regions may face when developing cruise tourism. Among such problems can be named visa issues, lack of information on the cruise tourism market beyond the Arctic Circle and the poor port infrastructure.

It should be noted that a new federal target program which describes Arctic tourism as a separate direction has already been created now. As it became known, solutions aimed at supporting the tourism industry have been included in this new program.

Montag, 20. November 2017