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Domodedovo a intensifié les mesures de la garantie de sécurité des passagers

Domodedovo a intensifié les mesures de la garantie de sécurité des passagers

In order to strengthen security the airport Domodedovo has introduced one hundred percent checkout of all citizens arriving at the airport, – informs the press center of the airport. Planning the time at the airport it is worth considering that the time of control at the entrance to the passenger terminal could be increased to half an hour. But the airport service reminds that to save time the passengers can take advantage of mobile and internet registration, in addition in the general airport zone there is also self-registration stand.

After the explosion on Jan. 24, the airport has quickly returned to normal schedule of work and now all the flights are sent in standard mode. By the evening of Monday a few flights of foreign airlines have been canceled: Iberia, British Airways, Lufthansa and a number of flights was delayed.

The airports of major Russian cities have also seriously tightened security in connection with the attack. In particular, the number of terminals stopped to let people to the arrival hall. Furthermore, metal detectors have been added, outfits patrols strengthened and the number of dog handlers increased.

Also the measures to enhance security in the subway were taken, the number of police officers has been increased by 25%, and their workday is 12 hours now until further notice from police department.

The explosion at the Domodedovo airport killed 35 people, in total 125 suffered from the explosion. As noted Vladimir Markin the spokesman of committee of inquiry of Russia: the attack was directed primarily against foreign nationals.

“I have to emphasize that the attack was carried out not by chance in the arrival hall of international flights. According to investigation the attack was directed primarily to foreign nationals”, – said Markin, quotes RIA Novosti news agency.

To date, the identity of the suicide bomber is identified; he was a twenty-one year old native of the North Caucasus republics.

As Markin noted, the name of the terrorist cannot be disclosed because the investigation is not finished and now the efforts of the investigative committee aim to establish and arrest the organizers of the attack.

mardi 1 février 2011