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Registration on-line for the trips of “Aeroflot”

Registration on-line for the trips of “Aeroflot”

From June 2009 the company “Aeroflot – Russian airlines” proposes to its passengers departing from terminals of the airport Sheremetyevo a new service – registration on-line for the trip. The trips for the USA and India are still an exception, the registration on line for them are not possible now. According to the agency “Interfax”, the company Aeroflot worked out a new software product WEB Check-in on base of the system Sabre.

The passenger can pass the procedure of registration over the official site of the company 24 hours before the trip or half an hour before the trip minimum. While filling in the form the passenger chooses himself the place in the plane and prints the ticket.

If the service works, as it is projected, it will perhaps make the life of passengers and the airline company easier, because it will help to make the registration procedure faster and less intense. But the passengers using the net have to register their luggage as usual on the same register post at the airport. On the site there is no mention if the special post will be created for the passengers registered on-line. The passengers with hand luggage can pass directly to the boarding.

The company “Aeroflot” is a leader among the Russian air transporters. Together with its branches “Aeroflot” transported more than 12 million of passengers in 2008. The company is in the top five of the best European transporters according to the quality of service and became winner of the national price “Wins of Russia – 2008” in two principal nominations: “Airline of the year – passenger transporter of the interior lines” and “Airline of the year – passenger transporter of the international lines”.

Monday, June 29, 2009