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One of the main tourist events of year in Moscow

One of the main tourist events of year in Moscow

The international week of professionals in the field of tourist industry MАTIW-2010 have taken place in Moscow since 21 September.

Within week in halls of exhibition center “Crocus-Expo” were held three large thematic exhibitions devoted to business, traditional and exclusive tourism.

According to the head of Federal Agency of Tourism Anatoly Jarochkin, “Отдых/Leisure-2010”, the exhibition of traditional tourism is the unique space which unites the Russian and foreign experts, giving ample opportunities for an exchange of experience and development of cooperation, – reports RIA Novosti news agency.

“Luxury Leisure” is a unique activity in Russia devoted to elite rest. Representatives of luxurious hotels and resorts from around the world here gather.

“MIBEXPO Russia” is the exhibition devoted to corporate and business tourism. Within the limits of an exhibition has taken place conference “Business tourism: practice, decisions and prospects” on which were discussed problems of the organization of conference spaces and development of branch, – informs a portal TURBUS.RU.

One more interesting conference which was held within week MАTIW-2010, it is “Spa&Health”. This is activity which takes place every year and is devoted to rest and adaptation of people with the limited possibilities.

The international week MАTIW-2010 were held in Moscow in 16 times. And this year thousand companies more than from hundred countries of the world have participated in it– that approximately on a quarter more than in 2009. For the first time at an exhibition it was possible to see stands of Belarus, Nicaragua, Seychelles and Panama. The area of an exhibition has increased – more than 20% – and has made up 19 thousand in sq. m.

The deputy minister of sports, tourism and the youth politics of Russia Nadezhda Nazina noted: “The exhibition is aimed to gather in one place all representatives of tourist business and to present tourist events of a winter season, to develop new routes and products, and also to make necessary contracts”.

Monday, September 27, 2010