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The procedure for the Work Permit getting for the citizens of CIS

The procedure for the Work Permit getting for the citizens of CIS

Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan.
For CIS citizens our company does not provide services in issuing work permits. The following information is laid open to public inspection only.

Work permit for foreign citizens arrived to Russia from visa-free countries is issued by the local administration of the Migration police upon personal request of foreign citizen or through his representative (Company- employer).

Only after obtaining a work permit, a foreign citizen can be officially hired by the Company-employer.

Having hired a foreigner with a work permit (and also in the case of the further dismissal), a Company-employer is obligated within the three-day period to inform the local department of the Migration police about the conclusion of the labour contract with a foreign citizen.

List of the required documents:

  1. Copies of all passport pages (with the notarized translation into Russian if required). The period of validity of passport should be not less than 6 months after the work permit expiration date. Age of worker should be from 18 years (he was not deported and have no administrative or criminal offenses);
  2. Copy of migration card;
  3. Copy of Arrival Notification form (registration);
  4. Photo 3x4 centimetre (2 pieces, mat surface paper, colored);
  5. Medical certificate according to the results of the analyses: HIV, leprosy, syphilis, chancre, tuberculosis, drug addiction, lymphogranuloma. Certificate can be presented with all the documents or during 30 days after obtaining a work permit. Except the citizens of Tadzhikistan, the presence of certificate for whom is strongly required.
  6. Personal application
  7. Original of the pay commission with the mark of a bank proving the payment of state duty at a rate of 2000 RUR per 1 foreign worker employed or receipt about the payment of state duty through Sberbank.
    In case the work permit is processed by the Company-employer, it is also required:
  8. Application from the Company-employer;
  9. List of the required employers (full name and profession);
  10. Letter of guarantee;
  11. Power of attorney from the Company-employer to deliver and obtain the documents.