“Aeroexpress” paid compensation to the passengers late for their flights

“Aeroexpress” paid compensation to the passengers late for their flights

“Aeroexpress” paid 370,000 rubles for passengers who were late for their flights due to the malfunction of trains, June 7 – inform the company representatives.

Eighteen passengers rescheduled the tickets totaling over 342 thousand rubles. 69 people applied for ticket refund to “Aeroexpress” with compensation in excess of 26 thousand rubles.

Failure occurred about 3.30 pm on the route Belarusian Railway Station – Sheremetyevo International Airport, due to a lightning strike broke the aerial contact wire. As a result, seven trains were delayed and three were canceled.

Compensation to passengers were paid according to the regulations in force in the company, thus, the full cost of the ticket is returned to the passenger if the train was delayed by more than fifteen minutes, and the air ticket price is compensated to the passengers who are late for a flight because of such kind of delay.

In addition, the company increased the number of flights on the same route. Now the trains depart more than every half hour, and every twenty minutes daily from eight in the morning until five in the evening. However, the passengers should take into account the increase in travel time from 35 minutes to 47 new routes.

Monday, June 16, 2014