The process to obtain visa to Russia for citizens of Iceland has been simplified

The process to obtain visa to Russia for citizens of Iceland has been simplified

Agreement on simplifying procedure for issuing visas to citizens of Russia and Iceland comes into force on 1 March 2010. Agreement itself, as well as the readmission agreement, was signed between the two governments in September 2008, after which all the necessary preparatory work for innovation was done.

Agreement on simplification of visa regime regards single entry visas for up to three months and multiple entry visas. Multiple entry visas are usually issued for businesspersons, scientists and cultural workers, athletes and journalists.

A similar agreement has been already signed between Russia and the European Union.

As noted in the announcement of Ministry of Foreign Affaires: “The agreement signed by the two governments in September 2008, will affect businessmen, scientists and artists, athletes, journalists, students and teachers, a wide circle of close relatives of persons living in Russia or Iceland.”

One of the important details of the agreement is unified visa fees. Consular fees now will be 35 euros – the same amount as for all countries of the Schengen Agreement. The procedures of processing visas, according to the agreement, should not take more than ten days.

In addition, there was indicated a list of persons who will be able to obtain visas free of charge. These are family members of citizens of Iceland and Russia, disabled, students, academicians and members of delegations.

Russia-Iceland's readmission agreement involves the establishment of clear and effective procedures that will work to return to their homes of people staying illegally in Iceland or Russia. The same agreement should ensure the transit of these citizens.

According to the statement of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affaires: “All these agreements aim to promote bilateral ties in various fields, expand contacts between citizens.”

Tuesday, March 9, 2010