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Travel to Russia by car becomes easier

Travel to Russia by car becomes easier

Resolution on the procedure for temporarily imported cars in Russia came into force on 2/25/2010, as reported news agency RIA Novosti.

Resolution was signed and issued on 8/25/2009 and, according to the law, came into force six months after publication.

This decision greatly simplifies the process of registration of the vehicle, which was brought by the owner for personal use. Now for the legal stay on the territory of Russia of the car registered in another state is enough to fill the passenger customs declaration (PCD).

Before the introduction of new rules, registration of such vehicles was held in two stages: first – it was necessary to complete the PCD in duplicate. Thereafter the car was registered for “personal use”, for which a certificate of importation of the vehicle (CIV) was received. Now the customs services do not need to register the vehicle, temporarily located on the territory of Russia, which greatly accelerate and facilitate the procedure.

The stay of such a car in Russia is limited to one year. While the passage of customs in Russia foreigners do not have to pay any duties or taxes.

To pass the procedures at border crossings one will need to provide identity card, proof of ownership of the car and documents that help identify the car at the time of entry and during its stay in Russia.

CIV, without which the car registered in other States, was to be detained, is no longer required. In addition, one does not need to confirm by documents the appointment of imported car.

Monday, March 1, 2010