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The sums of the year

The sums of the year

On December 25 took place the extended board of FMS of Russia, on which the head of department the colonel general of the police Constantine Romodanovskiy totaled the work in 2008 and shared plans for the future.

Special attention in its speech was given to the illegal migration, whose increase is expected in connection with the world crisis and the decrease of migratory quotas.

For an improvement in the situation with the illegal migrants the very system of the quotas will be improved. According to Romodanovskiy, because of deficiencies of this system in a number of regions in 2008, the chosen quotas were exhausted already to the spring, which involved an increase in the number of illegal migrants. Furthermore, appeared the difficulties with obtaining of work permit for the qualified foreign workers, and the number of false permissions increased. Colonel general reported that “in 2008 more than 2 million objects were checked and the penalties for more than 6 billion rubles were imposed”.

As Romodanovskiy noted, the main direction in the improvement of the system of quotas is the priority of the needs of employers, which participated in the application company. In this case the head of department noted that “the expected changes in the migratory legislation next year are not the global processing of the already active normative reports, but their correction”.

However, according to Romodanovskiy, in this year the situation with the illegal migration has been improved. Thus, according to the data of MVD its level was reduced on seven percent. So decreased a quantity of evicted citizens and by fourth – the number of those drawn to the administrative responsibilities for the disturbance of the regime of a stay.

The construction business remains the most difficult section of work. Specifically, on the building the larger number of disturbances is fixed. But because of the imperfection of code about the administrative breach, only contractor bears the punishment, and owner avoids responsibility. This situation is planned to be change by the introduction of the corresponding additions into the code about the administrative breach.

Constantine Romodanovskiy emphasized that administrative measures are insufficient to deal with the illegal migrants. Main thing is construction of competent migratory policy, system of the attraction of foreign specialists.

The project of departmental special-purpose program on the attraction into Russia of the qualified foreign workers is developed. The whole point is that such a specialist masters the bases of the Russian language even on the native land, passes a professional preparation and enters Russia for the purpose to take the concrete working place.

So Romodanovskiy reported the expansion of its department: “Of cause you know about the world financial crisis. Entire process of the economy during this period must be accompanied by our activity. The economy must feel our work and obtain work force so that there would be no problems with the working hands both during the crisis and after it in the period of recovery”.

At the same time, the deputy chairman of government of RF Alexander Zhukov in the interview to the newspaper “Vedomosti” that also releases on December 25 reported that now – during the seasonal draining of working migrants – a quantity of specialists who left Russia is for 300 thousands more than in the past year.

According to the vice-premier, the government will try to do everything so that the enterprises would experience temporary difficulties with the smallest losses. In particular “the government will compensate people of expenditure for passage and payment of dwelling if they will find work in other city” (to these purposes provided by almost 4.5 billions of rubles).

Thursday, December 25, 2008