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The form of the notice of double citizenship approved

The form of the notice of double citizenship approved

August 17 was approved the notification form of double citizenship. From that moment the person possessing the nationality in Russia and in any other country comes within the preview of the law on double citizenship which came into force on the 4th of August.

The exceptions are citizens possessing the nationality of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan (Russia signed a corresponding agreement with these countries).

Citizens must submit an application to the Federal Migration Service (FMS) on the territory of the Russian Federation: at the post office or in the local department of the FMS.

Citizens entered the territory of the country will have to file a notice no later than 60 days after arrival. At the same time, people who permanently reside abroad are exempt from this obligation.

Due to Valentina Kazakova, the Head of Department of Citizenship of the Russian FMS, each case of violation of the rules of notification will be considered separately.

“If a person has no intention, he is exempt from the administrative and criminal responsibility. We explain it on the ground”, – said V. Kazakova.

According to the FMS data, there can be several million people with double citizenship in Russia.

“From 1992 till now, more than 6 million foreign citizens and persons without citizenship have acquired the Russian citizenship. Therefore, it could be a few million”, – said Valentina Kozakova at the press conference.

Starting from August 4 the concealment of double citizenship in Russia leads to the both administrative and criminal liability.

Monday, August 18, 2014