Aim Tourism as the most convenient and reliable way to enter Russia

Aim Tourism as the most convenient and reliable way to enter Russia

Nowadays, the development of social relations and transport infrastructure as well as the nation-wide globalization contribute to the development of tourism. As a result, new interesting types of tourism appear. One of such types is the “Aim tourism”. Aim tourism is a short-term trip (up to 7 days) which purpose involves conducting business exchange, participating in exhibitions or attending medical examinations.

Since the process of issuing invitation letters for business visas is rather time-consuming, foreign nationals prefer tourist visas which are the easiest and the fastest to get. However, the border guards often identify inconsistency between the real and indicated purposes of the trip. This allows the border guard service authorities to deny foreign citizens to cross the Russian border.

It is becoming increasingly commonplace for foreign citizens and stateless persons to be denied entry at Russian border crossing points due to the incorrectly specified purpose of trip.

In such cases, the Consular Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises to indicate “aim tourism” instead of general tourism while completing a visa application form. This type of visa will allow a foreign national to meet Russian business partners or participate in exhibitions and negotiations as well as to get medical advice or attend a medical examination.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016