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New terminal in the airport Sheremetyevo

New terminal in the airport Sheremetyevo

The airport Sheremetyevo is one of three international airports of Moscow and home port of the airline “Aeroflot”. It is the first class airport with the permit for service of airplanes of all types of Russian and foreign production. Sheremetyevo realizes more than 60% of the international transportations in Russia. Among them 90% are regular trips.

From January 2001 the limited company “Sheremetyevo International Airport” tried to begin the construction of the new third terminal. But the construction began only in 2005 when some big companies as SWISS и British Airways refused to work with this airport and the stream of passengers decreased.

In the network of the project Sheremetyevo-3 in June 2008 the direct passenger line “Aeroexpress” was opened. The trains of this line go from Savyolovsky railway station to the airport a little more than 30 min. It is very convenient, especially when taking in account eternal jams on Leningradskoye Shosse. One plans also the organization of the line of this sort from the Railway station Belarussky and from the complex “Moscow-city”.

On the 16th of June the general director of “Aeroflot” Vitaly Saveliev announced that the opening of the terminal is planned till the end of 2009 and the constructions will be executed till the end of September. The handling capacity of Sheremetyevo–3 will be 12.5 millions passengers a year.

In the interview to the channel “Vesti” Mr. Saveliev noted: “It is not simply a new airport, we’ll transfer there all the trips from Sheremetyevo-1 and Sheremetyevo-2”. The general director of “Aeroflot” also noted that it will be very convenient for the transit passengers, who can arrive from Russia in this airport and that without any displacements go to the Europe directly from there.

According to the information of the site “Travel.ru” the test control began in April when the employees of the airport Sheremetyevo followed the procedure of registration and luggage checking as passengers. More serious tests of the terminal are planned at the end of summer when some hundreds persons take there part.

According to Vitaly Saveliev, the main aim of the airport is the organization of the coordinated regular work of all terminal systems.

Monday, June 22, 2009