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Russia will close entry for foreign debtors

Russia will close entry for foreign debtors

Russia has adopted the law that prohibits the entry into the country to foreign nationals who did not pay fines and taxes, – informs the agency ITAR-TASS. Foreigners, who did not pay the fines in any of the countries of the Customs Union, will also lose the opportunity to enter into any other Commonwealth country.

In addition, this law will prohibit the entry to foreigners who have committed crimes or have used fraud documents during their stay in Russia, and increase the penalties for violating the rules of stay in the country.

The regulation of the problem of unpaid fines will become particularly important after the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Customs Service initiative to create a new database that will include the details of all vehicles crossing the border of the country. The access to the database will be provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, so the camera can identify the autos by foreign tag, fix the delinquency and issue a fine. At present, the department does not have such possibility as the cameras can detect only Russian tag.

The information on fines will be transferred to the Federal Customs Service, and if the car owner is a foreign national the entrance into Russia will be closed for him.

Federal Migration Service of Russia plans to send to the debtors the information about penalties in advance and explain how and when it will be possible to pay.

Monday, April 7, 2014