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Russia has presented its first exhibition hall in Shanghai since formation of the Russian Federation

Russia has presented its first exhibition hall in Shanghai since formation of the Russian Federation

For the first time since formation of the Russian Federation Russia has opened the exhibition hall – the country preferred to rent already ready space at organizers in post-Soviet years.

It occupies more than 6 thousand square meters and by the form reminds a flower or the sun: the huge cube, surrounded with twelve gold towers. The composition symbolizes eternal regeneration and life celebration. It goes with the main idea of the exhibition – “the city is better – the life is better”.

The exhibition building has been constructed rapidly – less, than for a year, but, on assurance of founders, it can stand centuries. It is created from metal designs with the minimum use of welding. As organizers have explained, it will allow easily and quickly to demolish a building and to transport it to Moscow when the exhibition will be closed. However, there is a high probability of that the building remains in Shanghai.

In interview to agency “RIA Novosti” the chairman of directors of the Russian company which have constructed exhibition hall, “SUI Holding” Azaria Lapidus said: “If it (a building of the Russian exhibition hall) remains here, it is eternal, as we did it of metal structures and this is long-term construction. But we built it so that it quickly enough and simply demolish, here there is a floor amount of welding, basically all metal bearing elements are made on bolted connections”.

The exhibition is divided by quantity of towers: in one of them there is an exposition of the Russian regions, in the others – the newest developments and the major inventions of the state. For an exhibition it has been selected five main areas: power engineering, nuclear power technology and space-based processing, medicine, strategic computer technologies.

“Bioskin” – the newest development in the field of medicine which will help to solve the most complicated problems in the field of surgery and cosmetology and “clothes simulator” which will help children with derangements of the musculoskeletal system became one of exhibits of the Russian exhibition hall.

The flower city was located on the first floor. Here lives the main character – the personage of the Russian hall – Neznajka of Nosov. Sponsors have explained, Neznajka symbolizes willingness of Russia to study and to estimate correctly the received knowledge, readiness to wonder and to accept this world open-heartedly. To stay in visitors’ memory and to stand out against a background of the competitors, many countries-participants have brought their national characters to Shanghai. In particular, the Danish mermaid has moved to Shanghai for a while, France has brought Rodin’s exhibition and canvas of impressionists, India – stars of Bollywood, Japan – the robot which knows how to play the piano, and Italy – football players of “Inter” and canvas of Caravaggio.

The holiday on the occasion of a Victory Day became one of loud events in the Russian exhibition hall. About 10 thousand ribbons of St. George were distributed on Sunday in hall, – informs RIA Novosti.

Memorable postcards were distributed together with ribbons, and workers of an exhibition explained value of symbols and its history. It was possible to look a direct transmission of parade of the Victory in Moscow in the press centre of hall. After end of translation visitors could see the films devoted to the Great Patriotic War.

The tender for hall building has been declared in Russia in 2008. Sponsors of competition became corporation Mirax Group and All-Russia Exhibition Centre. From 23 architectural bureaus which have tendered the applications, they have selected only five. However the third round has not taken place because of disagreements among organizers and financial crisis. In the beginning of 2009 the design and hall building have been entrusted to bureau PAPER architectural team.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010