It will be easier for foreigners to obtain residence permit in Russia

It will be easier for foreigners to obtain residence permit in Russia

It becomes easier to obtain residence and work permits in Russia for foreign citizens. Vladimir Putin gave the order to the director of Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovsky to analyze and make proposals for facilitation of documents processing for foreigners.

“Excessive bureaucracy should be ruled out”, – noted the prime minister.

Discussing with Putin the problem of registration of migrants, Romodanovsky said that to date a foreign citizen has to collect from fifteen to twenty documents for a temporary residence permit and then the same number of documents to apply for citizenship.

“Perhaps it makes sense to take a closer look, and exclude some stages – for example, remove the temporary residence permit and start with a residence permit. Here, it is only bureaucracy and headache for people”, – noted the head of the Federal Migration Service.

Romodanovsky also said that unfortunately the number of legal working migrants in Russia is small – just 332,000. Given that the need to attract foreign labor force for economic development persists.

As the experts noted, in the current post-crisis situations when many Russian citizens do not have work, the legislation must to resolve labor issues, smoothing the social tensions and inequities in the field of labor relations in Russia.

In 2009, almost 400 people have taken Russian citizenship, 10% more than last year. And more than half of them are foreigners who have acquired citizenship under a simplified scheme, adopted under the state program for returning overseas compatriots back home.

Monday, December 20, 2010